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Julie Pae

Julie Pae


We really appreciate Julie's help to help us find the new home! She's knowledgable in local markets and always gives us latest information about the new houses on the market. She has super negotiation skills and let us get a really good deal for our purchase. I would recommend her to all my friends! – Danney Sun

We are so thankful and feel lucky we have met Julie Pae during our home search in March. We had instant connection with her interpersonal skills and her professionalism. Despite issues with remodeling, we got the house ready and Julie put our home on the market. We really appreciate Julie’s style of approach in marketing, negotiating and closing the deal with top dollars and fast! Julie is knowledgeable in local market and always quick at responding to all our questions and concerns. We highly recommend Julie Pae to all our family, friends and neighbors. – Meral & Remzi Degerli

We approached Julie after our Mortgage banker recommended her to us. Just like many of you we were first time home buyers with a tight budget and a tight time line in a competitive market like the one we have here in the Bay area. Julie left no stone unturned in finding us the PERFECT first home. She is very knowledgable, prompt and very easy to talk to. She held our hand every step of the way and went out of her way to address all our needs. Julie has excellent negotiation skills and without her we sure would not have been able to get our first home. She is wonderful to be around and will always be happy to answer your questions. Julie not only is a great realtor but is a warm and wonderful human being who understands what a first home buyer goes through. We highly recommend Julie for any one looking to buy or sell a home. We will forever be grateful to her for everything she has done for us. – Jasmin Desai

It was a pleasure working with Julie. We were always apprehensive about going through the house hunting process but Julie made it so easy and memorable. Thanks for all your help and guidance Julie. - Sonali Sobti

Julie is excellent. She's very attentive to her clients and goes above and beyond for them. Julie listened to our need and made recommendations accordingly. We were dealing with a difficult selling agent and Julie was on top of everything. It only took us less than 2 months throughout the entire process of purchasing. I definitely will recommend her to all my friends in the south bay area. - Nadia Lan

Julie Pae of Keller Williams Realty was referred to me by a good friend to handle the sale of my father’s home after his death. I couldn’t have made a better choice. Julie was great. She was very knowledgeable, professional and appropriately assertive, yet friendly, understanding and patient at a time when we needed all of those things. I would highly recommend Julie to anyone in need of real estate services and I myself would use her again should the need arise. – Karen Billing

After a death in the family, I became responsible for clearing out a house in Sunnyvale, CA and getting it sold. As I live in Southern California, I knew no realtors in the area and had virtually no knowledge about either the local real estate market or the value of the house. Fortunately, a friend and neighborh, who is also a realtor, recommended Julie Pae to me.

The first time I met with Julie, she spent a lot of time sharing heer knowledge of the local market and the factors that affected the value of the house, which led to a decision on a starting price. After we signed a contract with her, things started to move rapidly. We spent a lot of time discussing what we could or should do to the house to prepare it for market. After those decisions were made, the only thing left for me to do was to remove the things I wanted from the house. Once that was done, Julie took over. she arranged for someone to remove everything that was left, selling or donating what had value, and disposing of the rest. Julie then brought her crew to throrougly clean the entier house and then another to apply a fresh coat of paint. She then brought in furniture and decorations and staged the house to look like a home instead of an empty house. It looked great. During this process, Julie’s dedication to full communication was demonstrated by the frequency of her emails, phone calls, and text messages. She also responded quickly to whatever questions I would ask.

The house went on the market February 24th and I signed a contract to sell on March 1st. The offer was considerably higher than the “top dollar” I had estimated, which I take as a testimony to Julie’s marketing skills. She also used her negotiating skills to convince the buyer to make a cash offer, which allowed closure in 10 days.

Overall, I was very impressed to Julie’s handling of this transaction. Her management of the preparation for sale allowed me to focus more of my time and energy on family issues. Her ability to market and manage the sale yielded results beyond my expectations, both in the price received and the promptness of closing.

I would without reservation, recommend Julie Pae to any friend or family member in need of a Realtor’s service 

- Greg Curtis

I would highly recommend Julie to all potential buyers and sellers. Julie is very professional, and puts the needs and wants of her clients first. She is honest, unbiased and responsive. She will be accessible for you, positive and knowledgeable throughout the process. I wouldn't hesitate to give Julie's name to any of my friends and family who may be in the market to either sell or purchase a home.  –  Wendy Broderick

Julie is a true professional in her field. Her experience and knowledge shines above most others in her field not to mention her beautiful smile. She is a pleasure to work with and will do her best to meet all your needs. - Elaine Norman

I work at WFG National Title and I've had the pleasure to work with Julie on multiple transactions over the past year. She is incredibly knowledgeable and completely professional, and an absolute joy to work with! Julie is ALWAYS working... And I think she eats listings for breakfast? 

Her work ethic is is admirable, she always has a great attitude and a sunny disposition on life in general. Not to mention she is hilarious and has cutting edge marketing techniques. She is an expert in her field and has a very quick response time. 
Julie is as good as it gets! 

Look no further she is the best in town!

- Hilary Rose Norman 

My recommendations comes from my personal experience with her as a person. It starts with how she treats and respect each person as a friend This characteristic installs trust and someone who will be there when someone is in need. She carries this element about herself into the business world where she has been very successful. One of Julie strengths is in the "detail".........Someone willing to go the extra mile to get the job done right - David Kawamoto

Simply She was very detailed and very precise, I would Love for her to come work for me at 4life Nutrition – Daniel Daughtrey

Julie is meticulous in her approach & full of discovery questions to make sure she exceeds expectations. She is focused on delivering lasting results and is all about the long game. She builds trust based on her positive references, credibility and results. Her contagious excitement, personality exudes a fun experience as you work as a team to deliver a lasting result. You are sure to be impressed. – Michael Stubelt

She works through complicated issues so smoothly, it's as though they never existed! I would recommend her first to any friends or family members! – Laura Gruss

Julie has been a devoted, self driven, hard working woman ever since I've known her for years. She's highly qualified to tackle in any opportunity! – Sharon Daughtrey

I have had the honor, privledge and pleasure of knowing Julie over the years; and as a owner of a business and having dealt with several of brokers in other areas, Julie gets the job done to completion. Fantastic personality and someone who displays truth in everything that she stands for and represents. If you don't know Julia and have her apart of your business, then your not with the right team. – Joshua Horton

I have known Julie for a long time and she has always done a spectacular job!! She is a trustworthy, hardworking woman that strives for nothing but the best. I highly recommend her for any of your Sales needs!! – Hannah Magas

Wow! Julie is so professional and treated me so well and listen to all my needs that I expressed! I highly recommend Julie due to her competence and experience! – S. Kelpler

Julie did an excellent job in helping me sell my house. She took the initiative and arranged everything from getting the house cleaned to profession staging and open houses. She also took care of a number of other details that I did not have time for, helping make the process as painless as possible. She is very knowledgeable and profession. I highly recommend Julie for any real estate needs. – Ron Chinnaponse

Julie Pae is an awesome realtor!!!! Very friendly and trustworthy, she knows her stuff! Highly recommend, my family had a great experience working with her! Thank you Julie!!!! – Jessica Bonfante

Julie is a fantastic Realtor! She brings so much value to the home-buying experience – from her knowledge of the real estate market & the local neighborhoods; her genuine interest in our priorities & preferences; as well as her optimistic, can-do approach toward the whole process. We felt comfortable and confident that Julie had our best interests. For Bay Area transplants like us, Julie is heaven-sent! If you are looking for a knowledgeable, professional and trust-worthy Agent, we highly recommend Julie! – Anthony & Patricia

Friendly and positive attitude agent who provides excellent professional service with customer first in mind during selling and buying homes. – James Pae

I write this letter w/ SINCERE words about what I learned of Julie since I started knowing her & working w/ her on a few of her projects. 

I learned that she REALLY a truth professional real estate agent who really cares in EVERY detail on behalf of her clients as well as her sub-contractor(s). The difference I noticed was she continues to care even after the house is closed or the job is done. I also learned she’s a well established network that can assist her clients in any transaction other than real estates. So I highly recommend her for your future need of any real estate or matter related to this. 

It’s an honor to know & work with Julie. 

- Larry Phan

Julie is incredibly professional and knows her stuff! She takes a personal interest in everyone she works with and really cares about taking care of her clients. If you want someone who goes above and beyond, with excellent communication, and great customer service, choose Julie Pae! – Joey Coddington

What I appreciate about Julie is she will give you an honest assessment even if it doesn't benefit her. She's helped me through a couple tough real estate decisions; Julie gave me both sides of the ledger so I could make the smartest decision for my situation. She's always positive and enjoyable to work with. I would recommend Julie to anyone looking to buy or sell in the Bay Area. – Shirley Gray-Lewis

In order to handle an estate I was in need of a person possessing many talents; ability to assist a grieving family in the sale of their families property. Julie was able 
to deal professionally with the family; Even though they lived out of the area and away from each other with different expectations, she brought them together and 
managed the sale of the property to everyone's satisfaction. A hard job well done! – Dennis Destefano

I wanted to put in writing how much we appreciate your hard working and extensive efforts above and beyond to make this sales transaction a smooth complete success! 

Julie, the amount of work and care you put forth marketing our property was to say the least impressive! Our property in San Jose was sold within 3 weeks of advertising in the market. 

In all honesty, you are the best of the best I have had the pleasure to work with and commend you for your absolute professionalism,honesty and expertise. 
I take this opportunity to again, thank you most kindly for all you have done. - Sam Chouman

Wow...Julie has done an amazing job since joining the company and it's a pleasure working with such a genuine personality! She has exceeded every goal she had set when I first met her. Her work ethic and negotiation skills are top notch. I have personally watched her navigate through challenging transactions and always took the high rode. She takes great pride in her work and I would recommend her to anyone! On top of that her laugh is contagious : ) – Matt Johnston

My wife, Nadia and I first met Julie back in February 2015 when we had decided to buy a home in the South Bay Area. She came highly recommended by our Mortgage Broker (Michael Colo). From day one she was honest, kind and very supportive. She made us feel like we were her most important clients and made the home search and buying process less stressful. Her advice and guidance was invaluable and led to us buying a nice home in South San Jose in just 2 months later (late April 2015) for a very reasonable price. I would highly recommend Julie as an agent to anyone looking to buy a home and wants to have a friendly and knowledgable professional on their side. – Orpheus Allen

In my dealings with Julie she has been very organized, has great attention to detail and was thorough in seeing that all items were addressed and completed. 
I would recommend Julie because of her professionalism and she is just a great person to work with. – Chuck Zanger

Julie is absolutely fabulous! She handled it ALL! It was such a joy to work with her. She is dynamic and gets results. Her knowledge and experience paid off in every aspect of getting the home ready, staging, negotiating with buyers.  She even took care of getting contractors to remove rugs, finish floort, paint, sold furnishings - and even gave me a check for all that was sold! It was all so easy for me as the seller. I gave her the key and she took care of EVERYTHING - offloaded all the work needed to be done with the home....and I didn't have to lift a finger.  If you ever want to sell your home, ask Julie for the "Give me the key and I'll do the rest" option and just let her go. She WILL get results. I couldn't be happier. HIGHLY recommended. – Ben R.

I had Julie represent me during the sale of my residence.  She understood the process very well and did a lot to help us understand how this works.  She is definitely market savvy and she knows how to negotiate to get what was a very good deal for both myself and the buyer.  She also helped alleviate some of the burdens that come with selling a home.  In short, we all came out winners. – Daniel H.

I have the pleasure to know Julie and I highly recommend her for anyone looking to buy or sell their home.  Julie is great because she is very knowledgeable and she will go the extra mile for you to get the best results.  There's no denying that some real estate agents do a much better job than others,and Julie is one of the best in the business. – Brian C.

A friend of mine recommended Julie a few days after I started looking for my first home. I already had a list of agents recommended by my financial advisor and mortgage banker but I ended up working with Julie. She was very helpful and knowledgeable during our initial phone conversation which I really appreciated. She didn't pressure me at all and that's what made me wanted to work with her. When I asked to some of my colleagues at work, they didn't want to recommend their agents for some negative experience. She always made herself reachable and available for my questions and any needs. I was so lucky that I found my dream home in 4 days. Actually, I met Julie on my 4th day of search and signed the contract a few days later. Everything happened so fast and exactly the way I wanted. I didn't go through a lot of pain to find my dream home. I already recommended her to my friends because I had such a great experience working with her. She is very knowledgeable, professional, easy to work with, move fast for the best opportunity, resourceful for all my needs. I really like her honesty and dedication. She will offer best of best you can get. That's how I want to summarize my experience with her.
-Ellen R.